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Buy Iranian pistachio

Buy Iranian pistachios
Baba Pistachio Birthday Story

Fat pistachioIt all started when my dad got tired

My father is a retired teacher, his main job after retirement was farming in pistachio orchards.
Every year, as usual, my father sold his pistachios to buyers in Rafsanjan (Iran) or their own village, Zanoghabad.
As you know, as always, the main profit of each product is pocketed by dear intermediaries, and this year, with the conditions that occurred, the costs of gardening and fertilizer and. . . He pressured my father!

Nervous pistachioDo you want to do something for your father?

My father had reached a point where he was thinking of selling his land at all times and wanted to become a carefree farmer until everything came to me!

My father said to me: You do not want to do anything for your father when you work for so many companies and help them?

I (Morteza Azimi) am a consultant for several startups in one of the branches of internet marketing and my father said that well boy, come and sell our pistachios in the same way so that Alki money does not go into the pockets of intermediaries!

Happy DaddyLess than a week

Well, I saw that my father was right and I decided to design this site for my father with the help of my team, and I prepared this platform so that my father could easily offer his pistachios to the people of the country without any intermediary.

Baba Pistachio LoveNow you and Baba Pistachio ❤️

Thanks to intermediaries and the Internet, you and I are now in direct contact. I am the role of my father’s communication bridge from Zanoughabad village of Rafsanjan to all of Iran and the world

With all my being, I am sure that the taste of pistachio pistachios will convey the most unique feeling of this heavenly fruit to you. Because I see my dad farming with love. . .

Undoubtedly, this story is long, wait for our news 🌹

Buy Iranian pistachio from the farmer

We started the activity of Baba Pistachio to provide high quality pistachios in Rafsanjan (Iran) on 2020-12-20 so that we can deliver the agricultural products we have to you without intermediaries instead of selling them to intermediaries.

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  • Selling all kinds of pistachios
  • Pistachio News
  • Introducing the properties of pistachios
  • Learn practical tips before buying

What is the minimum and maximum amount of order and purchase from Baba Pistachio?

The minimum purchase amount you can have is 1 kg and you can contact us for orders in tonnage.

What is the basis of pricing in Baba Pistachio?

Pricing is based on the daily rate of Rafsanjan pistachios. (Considering that Baba Pistachio is the only supplier of first grade and quality pistachios, but you can see all types on the pistachio price list page)

Where is Nougat?

To put it very simply, Nogh is a series of villages in a row around Rafsanjan (Iran) where our products are supplied from the village of Zanough Abad (Zaghabad).

Regarding pistachios, which regions of Iran offer pistachios?

We are the only supplier of pistachios from Nogh villages in Rafsanjan.

Why do not we recommend buying smiling water pistachios?

The ways in which pistachios make water smile sometimes cause mold in the pistachios, which causes aflatoxin toxin! Since it is not possible to determine whether the method is performed correctly or not, buying this type of pistachio has a very high risk.

How to buy pistachios on Baba Pistachio site?

In this site, you can easily specify the type of pistachio and its amount, after completing the order form and your exact address, you will enter the payment portal page and pay the order amount. (You can see all the steps in the video on the purchase method page from Babapasteh site)